setembro 12, 2007

Spreading beauty

Today, my friend and co-worker in the making-an-idea-into-a-book-project went to a book opening (could someone kindly correct me if I'm wrong?) in a mega-book store, here in Porto Alegre, and we started to open the books for sale, randomly, and put one of the special postcards we create to promote our book.

I think we put almoust 30 post cards in different books. I don't know if the people who work there is going to take them off later, but, if we get that at least one person buys one of those books, and take a good look at the postcard, and get curious about it, and, by getting curious, go to our webpage, then I'll be happy about it.

(Preview of all postcards made exclusively to promote the book.)

PS.: Vanessa, if you're still reading me, I'm sorry I couldn't answer you before. Everytime I try, my computer goes crazy and shuts off. Yeah, I thought it was very "vanguard" of both of us to choose this month's theme last month!

PSS.: I still have some postcards to send by mail. If anyone wants to receive one, please send your address, with zipcode and all, to I'll make sure it gets to you.

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