setembro 08, 2007

So tiring!

I never thought that writing and getting published a book could be so tiring. So exhausting. But, at the same time, so much fun.

It's great to have in my hands the work of months and months materialized in printed paper and colorful cover. Yep, I got the print to check the cover and the texts for the last time before all thousand issues get printed.

So, I just spent my afternoon writing down the addresses of journalists and book critics in the postcards to send. About a hundred of them. It's been a while since I last used so much handwriting in one time... I'm not used to it anymore! The good part is that I get to use my collection of staedtler pens (all 20!!!) to write.

Almoust there!

PS: For those few englishspeaking readers out there, I promise to write more, or, at least, translate more!

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