agosto 19, 2007

Spring Fever

(for Self Portrait Project)

Since we had a couple of warm, sunny days last week, giving us a break from wind, cold and non-stopping rain, I got it.

I began to look up the threes, and so did they. Spring is becoming a pattern everywhere I look. In little things, you can notice most of people got it too. Girls take their dresses and skirts to stroll around, and guys take of sweaters and heavy coats, trading to colorful shirts. Spring announces itself way before the flowers bloom and the branches green up and the cloudy days are just a Winter memory. Spring starts, at least for me, in those days, when the rain gives us a break, and the sun is warmer, and the wind blows softly as a wisper.

It is Spring when all the ice melts down, and the air is bright, and the colors seem more alive than ever. It is Spring when you feel renewed and deserving a fresh start, no matter how cold or sad or icy - or long - the Winter has been to you.

Spring can start with a thought, with a new-born green leaf , with a warmer breeze in a orange sunset. To me, started with a pattern of pink flowers in my shirt.

The cold wheather, with grey-rainy days has come back, but it doesn't matter. I get warm inside, I got the Fever, I got Spring in me.

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