julho 17, 2007

For the self-portrait project

I consider myself a fire person. I'm passionate, and sometimes may burst in flames like a volcano, but most of the time I try to focus on being a candle, burning slowly but steady, lighting up the room.
I love this picture, taken on my last trip to the beach, beause of this tiny shell, in a shape sort of like a volcano. You can see my feet, blurry, in the back, I was standing right on the edge, where the water meets the sand. Other reason I love this image is that I took it myself. It was a very tiring exercise, trying not to fall or let the camera fall and still get a good look.
There is a brazilian music that says "God, keep me from being afraid, now that I have my feet wet" (ok, I'm no so good with translations, but I can assure the music is really pretty), and this photo always reminds me of it, of the fact that is life is being with our feet already wet in life.
And now you may ask, ok, what all this have to do with fire or where is the fire you mentioned before. The photo was taken on the only sunny day through my whole vacation, and it made me happy. The big ol' fire in the sky which is the sun can surely always put a smile on my face.

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Rachel disse...

Hi. Looks like we'll be new contributors to Self Portrait Challenge. In an attempt to get to know some of the other contributors better, I'm tagging you and a few more for an easy meme. Please stop by my blog to play. -Rachel