outubro 01, 2008

For self portrait challenge - Mirrors

I have always been fascinated about mirrors. I guest it goes back to the time when I realized I was a unique individual. And to see all the changes and mood variations about myself through my reflection helped me understand more about me, and what I like and what makes me feel good or not. Because sometimes only the mirror can notice if I'm truly happy or if I'm hiding a deep sadness behind the smile.

Mirrors can't lie, and, most of the time, they are right about the images they reflect.

Take today, for example. That's a picture I took of myself today. Ok, the image is horrible and shaky, but even the rearview mirror of the bus could see I was a mess today.

To see more abou mirrors, go here.

To read a great text about mirror and women, go here. But it's in Portuguese.

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