setembro 19, 2008

For SelfPortraitChallenge - Contrasts

I just came back from very interesting vacation abroad, and now that I came back, the buildings and streets I’ve been seeing for at least ten years – and that had become merely background absorbed by my eyes, automatically – have gained a new perspective. Since they stopped being my routine landscape, I can see all their beauty and ugliness, again.

I think contrasting things – old and new, fashion and kitsch, urban and nature – offers us a better opportunity to learn from them. When we put ourselves in a position to question our ideas and point-of-view, the contrast between what we are and what we think we are (or feel we are) can make us grow.

There are very nice contrasting photos this week.

This one is just great. The way she could get the focus of the image through her glasses can offer us a glance of how she usually sees the world without her glasses on.

(see more here)
The second one I chose this week is the shadowy one. Shadows are always a great subject to show contrasts, and to me, she managed to show, in three simple images, how a small difference (the negative and the highlights) can change the entire picture and makes us see more than we could think of.

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The third is, for me, the best one to represent what I was trying to say before about how the contrasts can make us better as they force a different perspective on us. It’s the image of a slim figure, of someone who’s lost over a hundred pounds, but deep inside could – yet – change the way she looks over herself. And the contrast of what we see of ourselves and what we really are is always the hard one face. But, also, the most rewarding when conquered.

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For more contrasts, check SelfPortraitChallenge. Unfortunatelly I couldn't manage to conect there to post it on SPC. Something with my password and not being able to recover it.
So, I'm sorry everyone, for the inconvenience. I'm trying to fix it.

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