julho 16, 2008

Skills 3 - For SelfPortraitChallenge

According to Merriam-Webster, resilience is the capability that a body has to recover its original shape and size after any deformation, specially stress.

So, considering that everyday I turn and stretch and multiply myself so I can embrace the world of things that need to be done by me (work, family, relationship, friends, classes, literature, side projects, and so on), and considering that everyday I find some peace of mind to reagroup and restore my energy and my drive to keep on going and stretching and changing and adapting and embracing and accomplishing, I can only conclude that resilience is one of my strongests skills.

(This is me, stretching out to reach you.)

To see more interesting skills, check SPC.

3 comentários:

Alberto Ourique disse...

Estarei te linkando no meu blog, Blondie. Bjs

Virgínia disse...

Adoro essas tuas fotos!

A Autora disse...

Brigada, Vica!

Se tu clicar ali no www.selfportraitchallenge.net e ler o guia, é bem fácil participar, e divertido.