fevereiro 11, 2008

For Self Portrait Challenge - Blue - Week 2

Because these have been days of gray and rain, and the wind blows coldly through my hair, making me shiver.

In such wintery days, nothing better than a warm pajama and a cute pair of socks.

The ones I wear in the picture (I was laying in bed, with the camera, and thought that the image of little hearts in my feet was so sweet I had to shoot and share!) are warm and specially made to walk, sort of house-shoes.

Everytime I look at them I think of that poem by e. e. cummings, and ponder that we are always walking around other people's hearts and feelings, and that we should be careful with them, since we might be inside one of those hearts.

And I chose this particular picture for this particular week, with St. Valentine's Day and all. To remind me to walk very carefully, since I cary a heart with mine!

("I promise to tip-toe around your feelings if you promise to never trample on my heart!")

5 comentários:

Roberta disse...

Lovely the idea of taking a picture of your socks!
Personally, I love the colorful and funny ones though it might seem a little childish form some...

By the way, thanks for the visit to my blog and I will definetely keep reading yours.

Vanessa disse...

this is lovely... so cosy!

Rachel disse...

I love that poem so much. We had it read at our wedding last year. Your socks are super cute.

Kelly Snelling disse...

i like your blue photo very much. the angles are very good.

platinum blonde disse...

so cozy!!! love it