janeiro 19, 2008

For Self Portrait Challenge - Celebrate!

This supposed to be a Friday #3 post, but, hey, maybe I've been out there living life so much - and, yes, celebrating it in every way that I can - that I got busy yesterday. Here in Brasil its midsummer, and I got caught into celebrating the weather, the summer holidays, and the fact that the sun doesn't go down until almoust 9 pm, giving me a great excuse to be out getting toegether with friends almoust everynight. Next month I promise to get on time!

I have to confess I was a little disappointed with our SPC break in December: I was very excited I would have to write about joy right on my birthday. But celebrating is also a very good theme and allows me to think about (and take pictures of) a much wider variety of events and reasons to be joyfull.

Inspired by a blog I recently came to know (3for365), I decided, as one of my New Year's resolutions, to come up with at least one good thing, everyday, to find out at least one reason to be gracefull and festive about my life. It's been not so easy as I thought, since I get so caught up in planning my tomorrows that sometimes I just disregard my present and the good things happening to me at the very minute I'm living.

And, from all the great pictures everyone send, showing all kinds of celebrations, I picked the ones that made more aware of the importance to live the present with all my attention and awareness. Also, the photos helped me realize that even a little thing can be a good reason or a good way to celebrate life.

Family bounds

(More of this photo in here)


(More of this photo in here)

A healthy, caring, trustworthy relationship (either a new or a long-time one!)

(More of this photo in here)

My body and how it's beautiful just the way it is

(More of this photo in here)

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