outubro 03, 2007

For self portrait challenge - Food and me

For self portrait challenge - Food and me
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This is me, pursuing a better way of life, by eating better. Last year, this same time, I started a diet, and began to eat more fruits and vegetables. And it worked, I lost some weight, my skin looked better, I felt better.

Sadly, my genes are not very helpful and this area, and, by winter (with all the staying-at-home, making dinner parties, chocolates and stuff), all the work went down the drain.

I feel bad again, and again, with the beginning of spring, I start to think about bikinis and skirts and strapy dresses again. And, again, I promise myself to eat better, and start exercising, and all that healthy stuff, and, most important, to keep the promise this time, winter coming or not.

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camel disse...

não é fácil manter uma dieta saudável, ainda mais tendo hormônios femininos loucos que exigem alta dosagem de chocolate pra se acalmar.

p.s.: agora que vi o link pro meu blog, "sensible camel". entendeu bem o espírito...

Dona da Linguagem disse...

Eheheheh, e tu entendeu direitinho, hormônios loucos!

Eu queria que tivesse serotonina em dose intra-venosa. Aí o mundo podia se ver livre de chocolates, pirulitos e afins!