dezembro 11, 2008

Pour some love in my coffee

It supposed to be one of those two the image of the day, but then I got home, and forgot about them, and because they were taken with my cellphoto, I just took a look at them again today, after having published today's (yesterday's) photo as well.
But I just love the idea of having some love to sweeten my coffee, instead of sugar or sweetener, and the interesting part is that the plastic glass bent by itself, or better, by the heat.
I don't usually drink my coffee right away, because usually it's too hot, and then I just let it stay for a while, and I guess it was that staying the thing that made the glass to turn into a heart-shaped glass.
I loved it so much, took a picture for the blog, and since I forgot, felt commited to share it with all my few readers.
I hope you like it. I hope the year that starts for me in a couple of days can toast me with lots and lots of heart-shaped and love-filled glasses.

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