julho 03, 2008

Skills - for Self-Portrait Challenge

I'm not sure this will be considered a skill, but I have to admit that I am very good at choosing.

I choose good wine, and good presents (for birthdays, for weddings, and so on), and I have the inexplicable skill of knowing if a book is good or not by looking at its cover. And I can tell if a movie will be good or not by watching its first ten minutes.

Those are not skills as in super-power abilities, and I can't be considered special just because I get my friends always great gifts that they love.

But if there is one skill, in the matter of choosing, that I am proud of, is the fact that I am also very good at choosing people. I am very careful about the people I bring close to my life, about people who are special and become more than just people to be called my friends.

And I had a few bad, really sad, experiences in the past that taught me to first listen, and to protect myself, and to learn how to read in between the lines (and to capture the essences by the small gestures) in order to know who and what kind of person each one that I get to meet is.

Just a few get to be called friend. But those few are always a great pick. And my friendships, just as I learn about good wines, get better and tastier as time goes by.

My skill of choosing good wine always provides me with the opportunity to be at nice places.

And my skill of picking the right people to be friends with provides me the opportunity of enjoying good food and great wine, at nice places, with fantastic company!

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