julho 08, 2008

Skills 2 - For SelfPortraitChallenge

I wake up early to make the most of my day. Sometimes I go across town just to pick up clean clothes before I go to work, and sometimes I'm lazy to do that, but then I have to carry a heavy backpack or bag with my stuff.

My handbags are never charmingly small, because I feel this urge of taking as many things as I can, because - I think - I might be in a situation where I be in need of one or other thing. Most of the time, they are just extra weight to be carried. Most of the time I get so worried about the things that can happen, or that might happen, or will happen if - and after this "if" are always very hypothetical ideas, but that's not the point now - and then I'm so distant and unfocused that the only sane thing to do is to stop, and empty my hands, my bags, my mind, in order to see beauty again.

And beauty is as fragile and as light and as ephemeral as a bubble.

I don't know if it can be filed in this month's challenge, I don't even appear in the picture (unless you are really good and saw my reflection at the bubble's surface!), which, I think, it's kinda the point in a challenge of self-taken pictures, but, still, this bunch of stuff - pens, lotion, cell phone, headache pills, headphones, keys, cards, a notebook, wallet, vitamins, and some loose paper - represents my everyday days, and the bubble, well, the bubble is what I forget to look for, most of the time, but it makes everything worthy when is finally visible and seen.

I dare to say, these days, that my most important skill is to keep sanity, and joy, and to be able to re-focus the eye, everywhen I can, to be able to find the bubble of beauty before it bursts out.

To see more about skills - and some nice pictures - check SelfPortraitChallenge.

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Amarettogirl disse...

You're really good - because I can definitely see something like two arms holding a camera in that bubble!!! WOW what an amazing picture and what a true relevant and deep story---I describe the story as such because I too lug around unnecessary weight, prepared always for another day when they tell me 'the towers have fallen...and you can't go home..." well perhaps not to that extreme - but WHERE does that anxiety come from thats what I wanna know!!! -Especially when I was fearless as a child! ON another note - I did post on my blog once about a great fun book and the contents of ones bag...check it out you might like it go to: http://amarettogirl.squarespace.com/blog/2008/3/11/whats-in-your-bag.html (you can cut and paste it into your browser bar -
Well my Spc post this week is called Miming Around and its at: http://amarettogirl.squarespace.com/self-portrait-challenge/
So happy I stopped by here!

A Autora disse...

Thanks a lot, Amarettogirl, for sharing the links. I loved the one about the bag. Can I be #102?

I feel the same way, you know. I feel like before I was a more daring person, and I wouldn't care to leave the house without my hand purifier (I have one too!!), because it would matter. I think as we grow up, we have more things to loose, and this is what makes us more afraid, less daring.

Stop by anytime!