maio 28, 2008

For SPC - Fresh Idea

This is how it works: I see an image, or a scene, a movement, in my head. Sometimes is just for a second. It doesn't need more than that.

I try to concentrate on the emotion of the image, or the scene. The intensity, the colors, the temperature. The scent. I try to figure if it is noisy there, or if the dogs are barking on the next corner.

Then the image takes me over. It starts to haunt me, to fulfill my thoughts, my dreams. That's when the characters show themselves. They begin to move. They talk and their voices are far and low at first, but as time goes, they come closer and I can listen to them more carefully.

I begin to watch them as they go, and they offer me their hand and I just grab and let myself go. I start to follow them around. I come to know the very deep of them. I can hear them while I brush my teeth to go to work, and I remember them as I buy groceries to make dinner.

They become louder and louder inside my head until the point I can't no longer have them inside.

That's when I go back to the first scene, the first image - that I probably have written down in one of my notebooks - and write it all down, and pull the characters and the action and the whole thing out of my head.

And then I can be just me again, with some silence inside. For a while, at least, until the next fresh idea start to take me over.

(For more fresh, check here)

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jenica disse...

i love how you've captured your fresh idea in your spc. awesome!