maio 24, 2008

For Self Portrait Challenge - Fresh

This was originally posted at SPC, and it was supposed to be published yesterday (Friday), but some connection and technological problems (and, ok, a bit of lack of patience from me) stopped me from posting.

I was angry and frustraded because I couldn’t make things work - simple
computer comands, read from a confusing user’s guide made everything even worse.
Then I realized I wouldn’t be able to fix the problem and make the wireless
connection work properly on time for me to write to you while Friday was still
going on, even if it was the last few minutes of Friday.

And it got me thinking about the meaning of fresh, so I looked up in
the dictionary (now, after Friday, away from home). Most of the definitions
stated are actually opposite ideas, they say what’s not fresh to build the
meaning of fresh.

I don’t know about you, but as I was looking for images of fresh to
register, I realized how intangible the idea of fresh is, and how hard can it be
to translate it to images.

But the good part is that not everyone found the same photographer’s-block
as I did, and the portraits this week were even better than the last!

Here some of the great photos people sent this week.

This is from DreamBird Designs.

This is from TheKindergartenerinme.

This one (a great one!) is from SunnybrookFarmDesigns.

And this, the loveliest of all, from Amarettogirl.

I'm not sure if the photos will be seen ok at SPC, because the uploading tools wasn't giving me a correct link for the uploaded images.

(I hope the bug is only on my computer.)

Now that the storm (metaphorical storm, these past two weeks that I was involved with Boyfriend moving and the Creative classes - great, by the way, a post about it coming up - and the discussion group at work) is over and the temperature outside is back to normal (cold and autumn-windy) I intend to keep up with this blog and perhaps start some other projects I have in my head.

The good part is that, stormy or not, my cell phone kept sending the images to this project on the days I couldn't login and post, like yesterday, when I spent almoust three hours trying to make a simple text be published and it didn't work out.

(I hope the bug is not on my computer, but it was somehow in the web, being fixed already by now.)

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