março 20, 2008

From Self Portrait Challenge - Friday #3 on Politics

(this is my view on Politics for SelfPortraitChallenge, where you get to see other views and lovely portraits)

I grew up with the idea of Politics as a thing distant from me. As I grew up Brazil was in a transition moment of History, because the people were craving for changes, for more rights, for democracy at its fullest. Back then I couldn’t realize how things would change so much in so little time, but I remember sitting with my Grandfather in the couch, watching a lot of men in suits arguing and talking to each other and holding up our flag - and let me just say I was always amazed by the lively green and shiny yellow of the Brazilian flag - and also there was Fafá de Belém, a Brazilian singer, singing Brazil’s National anthem, in a way that even today still gets me emotional.

Those were Congressmen voting for more freedom for the people. That was the vote for the new Constitution, and the Militaries were officially stepping down from the Government, and the general feel was relief and a breeze of new air - new ideas, new opportunities, changes - in History.

A few years later, I felt more a part of this thing called Politics when I painted my face green and yellow and joined thousands of others on the streets to impeach and take a corrupt politic from the presidency. But it still wasn’t then for me to realize how important our actions - as little as may seem right now - for the making of History.

It wasn't only until a few years ago that I realized I, back then, was living at a turning point time in the History of my country, and then I started to understand that Politics are not distant or far. Even for those who don't want to take a stand, or don't want to get involved, it is impossible. If you live in a group, if you interact with you neighboors, it is already Politics.

This being said, the pictures that caught my eye were those reflecting the importance of the individual stand on subjects, any subject, and the influence one might have on the events of the community, or the society in general.

This one, for example, shows us that there’s no better equation for beauty than self-love, self-respect.

(from amarettogirl)

The next one reminds us about our choices. We are what we eat, and our lives are what we make of them, and Politics are, inevitably, the sum of our choices and actions as a part of a social group.

(from anniejamaica)

But the most significant for me this week was this one. It tells me we need to teach our children about what’s right and wrong, what’s good and what’s bad, because is their duty to continue the steps we take today. And, as we are responsible for the political choices and decisions today, we have to gaze to the past as children, and avoid the mistakes made in the past, in order to grow as a civilization.

(from juneblue)

I don’t know if I was able to express my idea of Politics. Because Politics, as I see it, is not only a matter of choosing between Democrats and Republicans, it is part of every decision we make, in any level of life.

Happy Easter for those, as myself, who celebrate Easter. And keep in mind, History is what we make of it everyday.

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