fevereiro 18, 2008

For Self Portrait Challenge - Blue - Week 3

My dreams are blue.

My shampoo is pink, my soap is purple, my dress is red, my hair, hmm... my hair color is undefined at this moment, my eyes are brown - hazel eyes, nutmeg eyes, like Mercutio says -, my nails are black, my pillow case is white, my towels are green, just like my toothbrush, my hairbrush is also brown, my roomwalls are a creamy white, my cellphone is silver, my pills are orange, my lotion is vanilla yellow, and I could go on and on about all the colors in my life, but the most important right now is blue.

Because my bedsheet is blue, and my dreams are blue, in a sweet cotton-candy shade of blue, and the sky - the infinite sky above my head - isn't the limit for any of my dreams, and even if blue sometimes means sadness or some feeling around it, yet my dreams still are blue, because the possibilities and the sweetness of a dream come hand in hand with a bit of sadness, of nostalgy, everytime.

Sadness for the possibilities that never became reality, nostalgy for the wide-open sky, where I can fly to any direction - because it is a dream, I in a dream I'm capable of anything I want.

And the sweetness of all is that, sometimes, I have a slightly chance to go and fly in reality.

(for some more shades and meanings of blue, see in here)

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Vica disse...

Tuas unhas não estão pretas, pelo menos não na foto. Cabelos de cor indefinida? Sei bem o que é!! Hahaha!
Obrigada pela visita, volte sempre! Beijos.