outubro 22, 2007

Food and Me - October's SelfPortraitChallenge

Hi, I think I finally got to post the pictures in the SPC site.

Not the perfect way yet, but still better than having a imageless post.

For me, besides all that I've written there, food is mainly a reason to gather up some friends and enjoy flavours and tastes and sensations.

I think I got the main idea now: sensations. The sensation of caring, of tenderness, of friendship, of love. Since I read the book Like Water for Chocolate, by Laura Esquivel, I realized you put most of yourself in food, when preparing a meal.

When I cook for Boyfriend, or to my friends, as I slice onions, tomatoes, garlic, or chop up spices and other ingredients, I always think of good things, always imagine how good the mix of all the flavours being used can become. And it might reflect on the results. And it makes me happy to please the people I love.

On the other hand, it's so good to have someone to prepare a great meal, and I feel very special whenever I first go to someone's house (or, ok, not exclusevely at first times, but specially) and he or she takes his/her time to throw something in a pan and turns it into great, delicious food.
I tried to show that with this picture. It was the first time I went to a friend's house, a friend as nice as the paella, the wine and everything else she served.
Yummi! Nothing like having friends, that's what I always say!

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