setembro 21, 2007

SelfPortrait Challenge: Bathrooms!

I was feeling somewhat guilty because the month's almoust finished and I still have not taken my own picture. Since today was my turn to choose and write, I got a little inspired by all the nice photos people sent to SPC, and decided to take mine.

Those were not the pictures I intended to take for this month's theme. I enjoy bathrooms so much I thought about really working them out and taking great ones to post, but the whole thing about the book - which just got out of the print!! - got me envolved to the last spare minute I had.

When I commited to the project, I knew this might happened, not having time or not having the ideal photo. I also knew that I would whatever I could to participate the best way I could (forgeting the eventual typos and mistakes) focusing on doing it, the photo, the writing, the choosing pictures, the getting to know a lot of people part.

So I took some.

And that reminded of the fun I have everytime I get my camera and start shooting.

(In this picture you can see, down the floor, at least three types of shampoo and conditioner, which I tend to buy compulsivly, based on the package, the smell, the color and the possible miracle they might do to my hair!)

And then I had to show of my bathroom ladybugs, just had to! They are kinda-ugly-but-also-so-cute ladybugs, and the hold my soap, and my toothbrush, and other stuff. And they just stand there, glazing and smiling at me everytime I go tho my bathroom, and that is so sweet and cheerful, (ok, and also corky!) that I had to share with you.

(besides loving bathrooms, and all the secrets they hide for their owners, I also have a thing for ladybugs. I have a wide collection of ladybug-related objects, from notebooks to socks. I promise to show you one of these days.)

Aren't they cute? They keep me company while I'm brushing my teeth!

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